Je vois la vie en rosé – part 2

Before reading on, be sure to read part 1 on rosé winemaking!!

If you’ve been to a liquor store in the last few months, you may have noticed a surge in rosés on display. Rosé is—for some reason—only a seasonal wine. It shows up on shelves in April and disappears by the end of the summer. This is why it is imperative to stock up if you find one you like. These wines are only made in limited quantities, so once a vintage is out of stock, that’s it. You probably won’t see it again until the spring of next year. That said, depending on how much you drink, you probably shouldn’t get a whole case—these wines are for immediate consumption and are not typically meant to be aged.

As promised, here are my Summer 2016 rosé recommendations!


The perfect sailboat wine

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Je vois la vie en rosé – part 1


I’m back! It’s been forever since my last post, and not for lack of things to write about, and definitely not for lack of wine, but rather lack of time.  Work has been crazy. Also, I had a midterm this week, so I was in study mode in the days leading up to it (for those who don’t know, I am taking the Beer course at Algonquin, just to round out my sommelier training—more on that in posts to come). Also, as I have mentioned before, we are renovating our house, and last week we were finally able to move out of the guest room in the basement and back into our bedroom on the main floor. But moving an entire bedroom from one floor to another is harder than it sounds. Have you ever tried moving a king-size mattress? It is a) heavy and b) awkward. Also, the fact that I am pretty useless in the upper-body strength department doesn’t help. So useless, in fact, that my husband affectionately calls me T-Rex.

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