Serendipitous Saturday Pairings: tilapia and chardonnay

As you know, I am in total denial that winter is here, so lately I have insisted on drinking summer-y wines, generally from the Southern Hemisphere. The sun sets at 4:30 these days, so you have to find ways to trick your body into not falling into a depression. Obviously, wine is the answer. Delicious food helps too. Put the two together and you can occasionally succeed in your anti-depressive measures.

This happened in a completely serendipitous way on Saturday night. Let me preface this story by saying that I am not a fantastic cook by any means, which is unfortunate since I seem to be the primary cook in the house. I love pinterest as much as the next guy and use it to inspire myself to try new things, but sometimes it’s 7 o’clock on Saturday night and you are HANGRY (i.e. hungry to the point of anger) and you need to throw something together FAST before it comes to blows. On this particular Saturday night, pan-fried fish was the fastest thing that came to mind. What I concocted in the end wasn’t anything fancy: tilapia, rice and stir-fried swiss chard. Given the h-anger, I didn’t have too much time to deliberate on a wine either, so I just grabbed the only bottle I had in the fridge: Oyster Bay chardonnay from (surprise, surprise) New Zealand.

Oyster Bay Chardonnay

You may recognize this wine from this post

We were totally blown away by this pairing. The weight of this medium-bodied wine was the perfect match for the meaty texture of the fish. The acidity of the wine successfully cut through the butter in which the fish was sautéed, leaving behind only citrus, tropical fruit and stone fruit flavours on the tongue. My not-so-secret seasoning for tilapia is tarragon, which I find adds a sort of nutty component to the dish, which played off the subtle oakiness of the wine in a way that absolutely delighted the tastebuds.

By the time I realized I needed to write about this amazing food-wine pairing, both our plates looked like they had been attacked by a pack of wild dogs. It was not pretty. This was the best picture we got (using leftovers):


Tilapia and Oyster Bay Chardonnay


Does this mean I need to start photographing all my meals before I start eating, just in case of an orgasmic pairing?

N.B. The Oyster Bay chardonnay is $3 off at the LCBO until January 1, 2017. At $15.95 a bottle, this would be a great wine to have on hand for the holidays.

I am acutely aware that my posts of late have been heavily focused on white wines, specifically those from southerly latitudes. As a result, I am making it my goal for the rest of the month to accept my fate as an inhabitant of the Northern Hemisphere and embrace the premature winter. And this means drinking more seasonally appropriate wines. Which brings us to our next topic…

Balderson cheese and Canadian wine pairing contest

On the topic of delicious LOCAL pairings, I’m currently part of a contest over on Natalie MacLean’s website. A group of wine writers and sommeliers were tasked with coming up with the greatest pairing of Balderson cheese and a Canadian wine. And I may be biased, but I think my pairings are pretty darned tasty: Harwood Merlot + Vintner’s Cheddar, and Henry of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Rosé Brut + Double-smoked Cheddar. I even enlisted my photographically inclined husband to help out with the visuals.
Check it out!
He totally outdid himself, wouldn’t you say? Feel free to leave pats on the back for him in the comments 🙂
Disclaimer: I’m not in the contest for the prize.  I’m in it for the glory! Seriously, what would I do with that much cheese, especially when half my household can’t eat dairy? SO…if I win, watch this space for a potential contest to win this magnificent prize pack!
Balderson Gift Basket

It’s not re-gifting if it wasn’t a gift to start with

Want a chance to win it? Then go vote!
Don’t really care about the prize pack but want to support a good cause (i.e. my ego)? Go vote!
Don’t care about cheese or my ego? That’s too bad. What did cheese ever do to you? And I’m really a very nice person. But I digress.
You can vote once every day for your favourite pairing (hopefully one of mine) while also getting some ideas for your next wine and cheese.
Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the pics and read my description of the pairings. Bonus points if you manage not to drool all over your device.
Happy wining, friends!

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