Translator by day, avid wine drinker by night.

Concerned that my wine tasting skills would get rusty after obtaining my sommelier credentials, I decided to start blogging to document my wining (and occasionally dining) and share my best bets with you!

Yes, I am a wine snob, but I also don’t like spending a lot of money. There are plenty of people out there who say you need to spend a lot to get a nice bottle of wine, but let me tell you—there is also a ton of great wine available that doesn’t require breaking the bank, and my aim is to find those amazing value wines.

I also suffer from a serious case of wanderlust and travel the world quite regularly – sometimes by land and sometimes by sea on our sailboat (currently moored in the Caribbean). I love seeing how wine is made around the globe and writing about my international wine adventures.

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Happy wining!




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